Monday, February 21, 2011

Sony threatens to turn off all gamers from the PlayStation Network for PS3 Hacking

Yes, yesterday the representatives of the Sony Corporation has officially reported that during an attempt to circumvent security algorithms for the PS3 and run unauthorized software on that console gamers will be disconnected from the PlayStation Network. I remember, Microsoft somehow disabled the multiple hundreds of thousands (if not millions) of gamers who own hacked Xbox 360. Now in the footsteps of fellow is a corporation Sony.

In general, Sony is very much a hard-reacts to everything connected with burglary PS3 and installing third-party software for this console. Apparently, the leadership really believed in the impossibility of sacred hacking protection system console, but the fact that breaking a corporation acted on several shocking. Well, with GeoHot-ohm companions are still dealt with law enforcement agencies, along with most Sony, and all the others rushed into the punched hole in the protection of the console.

Sony Corporation all that well, really do not like the legal steps to prevent hacking console individual users like as not, and now the authorities announced that "hacked - We'll get you disconnected from the PlayStation Network». In addition, it is reported that "in order to avoid blocking access to the PlayStation Network, consumers should immediately stop using and remove all devices from the console to break the protection system PS3, erasing all of unauthorized or pirated software on their consoles."

It is worth noting that the U.S. court has previously recognized the jailbroken iPhone-s perfectly legitimate, and perhaps that's why Sony is not drawn to the court to prohibit a court order breaking PS3. Most likely, if such treatment will be on the court by users.

In general, the situation is developing quite an interesting way, so it pays to keep track of the steps the corporation, seeks by all means protect your child from bad hackers.

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